MCC Britain Study Abroad

Mesa Community College's Study Abroad program in Nottingham, England


I. Refunds:
1. Tuition: Refunds of tuition payments are available and are determined by the policies articulated in the MCC College Catalogue and the printed MCC Course Schedule.

2.  Program Fees: Mesa Community College must make payments to its partner institutions and vendors, based on the number of participants enrolled, before the program start date.  Therefore, it is not possible for payments to be refunded in full if you choose to withdraw after the payment deadline--23 March--but before departure. You may be eligible for partial refunds of program costs with the exception of contractual obligations that are non-recoverable (i.e., have already been paid or encumbered) as of the date of cancellation.  No refunds will be provided after the date of departure.


3. Financial Aid/Scholarships: If Mesa Community College has expended non-recoverable funds to vendors using your financial aid or scholarship award, you are liable to MCC for the amount of scholarship or financial aid expended on your behalf.


4.  Cancellation: It is a goal of Mesa Community College to provide dependable, safe, enjoyable, and academically sound study abroad programs for all participants. Every effort had been made to insure the best possible study abroad experience at the most reasonable price. However, neither the Maricopa Community College District nor Mesa Community College can control all circumstances.

A study abroad program may be canceled due to war, terrorism, political instability, global pandemic, natural disaster, or other unforeseeable circumstances that would compromise the safety or health of its participants. The Maricopa County Community College District and Mesa Community College are not liable for any refund of program fees if a program is canceled.  MCCCD Study Abroad programs are self-funded; all costs are paid by the participants in the program.  Once expenses are paid on behalf of participants, it is not possible to provide a refund of those funds.  For those programs that include airfare as part of the program fee, there will be no refund of the cost of airfare after tickets have been purchased, regardless of circumstances.

5. Separation from Program - There is NO refund of program fees if a participant chooses to separate, for any reason, from the program after departure, or if a participant is suspended or dismissed from the program for disciplinary reasons.
NOTE - The refund policy articulated above is based on the College's financial commitments for faculty salary, airfare, ground transportation, accommodations, and instructional space in Britain that have to be paid in advance of departure. Britain Study Abroad is a self-funded program; once monies have been spent on behalf of a participant, it is impossible to secure a refund.

6. Itinerary Changes - MCC and the Britain Study Abroad program are not responsible for any costs incurred by a participant who alters their itinerary after tickets (air, train, coach, etc.) have been purchased.

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