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Summer 2016 study abroad, in Nottingham, England.


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Instead of Cultural Project

St. Mary's Cathedral - Grave's

     The best way to travel back in time and take a glance at history and how people lived their lives is to look at how people are buried. Back in the day churches were a huge deal, they still are. Guessing by the structure of some of the graves at St. Mary's Cathedral, it is safe to say it was an honor to be buried by a church. Today the British host funerals, much like we do in the States, that honor the dead by placing them in an extravagant casket and…


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Culture Project Photos

The scenery is simply incredible -- words can't do nearly enough justice to describe the beauty and majesty of all of…


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Instead of Culture Project.

St. Paul's Cathedral help define British culture because it shows how important religion is to them, since they made it a rule that no building in that area could be higher than the church, most importantly, it helps define British Culture because it the official religion of Great Britain,…


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I chose this picture because I believe that many people (Especially the younger generation), when they think of England they think of Harry Potter. I believe that the without Harry Potter British culture will be very different. When you go to London you cant help but think about the movies and books. The millennial…


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British Culture in Pictures

1. Stonehenge: How does Stonehenge represent British culture, in my point of view British culture had to start some where and to me it had to start with Stonehenge.  And like many cultures it had to have being and this is their being, and it also tells about what the people believed and feared back in those…


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Pictures and stuff for Humanities

This picture represents British culture because it, like most other cathedrals and whatnot in the UK, is absolutely massive and it didn't have to be but they chose to show how great they are by making great buildings. The inside is also being turned into a very modern museum so it kind of represents how mixed the…


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Not The Culture Project: 1-5


This picture represents the British Culture because it shows the old architecture. They represent this spot, right here, because in both places the buildings are more old-fashioned.…


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Final Culture Project


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What is a "Britain"???? (A Five Part Series)(This is part 5)

For my final post, I leave you with this: a view from the top of the fountain at Chatsworth. Chatsworth itself is a powerful country house that shows how powerful and wealthy people in Britain could be back then. We don't see many of these households anymore, especially in the states, but there are a few hidden in Britain. No matter which one you visit, you can't help but feel as if you've jumped back in time to a point in England where life was incredibly easy and luxurious. It's almost…


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What is a "Britain"???? (A Five Part Series)(This is part 4)

Billions of people have traveled far and wide to see this location shown below: Stonehenge. Maybe people relate this phenomenon to aliens, some say it is ranked up there with the pyramids in terms of human accomplishment, while others say "ehh, they're rocks". For me, I like the think of the humorous scenario where Stonehenge is in fact the great prank in human history. Imagine if some man or woman just said "Hey wouldn't it be funny if we stack some really heavy stones one top of each other…


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What is a "Britain"???? (A Five Part Series)(This is part 3)

Britain, especially the more busy cities within, can't be described accurately by one of two words; Britain is composed of modern and historic architecture, the citizens are local and foreign, the food is Britain based or foreign imported. One cannot simply describe what life is like here, which is why I chose this photo. This is one of the buildings in London near King's Cross. Obviously  the paint stands out, but what about the fact that the building is most likely older than the person…


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What is a "Britain"???? (A Five Part Series)(This is part 2)

Now, here is something I really wasn't expecting: a beautiful, fun beach. This was not because I wasn't aware there were coastlines in Britain, I know it's an island, but I thought the beaches would be filled with rocks, hanging off cliffs, or dark, inhospitable. This is quite the opposite as you may be able to see. I spent the day playing volleyball with the locals and watching an actual competitive volleyball tournament. The lively boardwalk, hot dogs, ice cream, and music, made the…


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What is a "Britain"???? (A Five Part Series)(This is part 1)

When I first decided to study abroad in Britain, all I could think about was tea, rock & roll, the queen of England, and football. To my surprise, I was exposed to a far more historically rich island that has contributed significantly to the development of our world today. For example, here is (a statue of) David Hume, one of the greatest philosopher's in history, regardless if he was Scottish or not! I wouldn't have imagined there was a history of philosophy in Britain that contributed…


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Culture in pictures, you know

Big Ben is a very symbolic building in London. At one time it was the biggest clock building in the world and now it is the biggest in the UK.…


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Final Project

This picture of a beautifully painted ceiling represents British culture to me because, every historic building had ceiling like this. What I liked is that every one was different depending on the time the building was designed and also who it was for. This picture is from Chatsworth where every room has a…


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Tigres In Norway

Tigres In France…


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Britain Study Abroad

The flowers are better taken care of and the arboretums are more accessible and more open to the public.

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Instead of Culture Project


The photo of Cleaves Hall: I think it helps describe British Culture because Cleaves has the "stereotypical" red brick. I have always considered brick buildings a staple in Britain. …


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