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St. Mary's Cathedral - Grave's
     The best way to travel back in time and take a glance at history and how people lived their lives is to look at how people are buried. Back in the day churches were a huge deal, they still are. Guessing by the structure of some of the graves at St. Mary's Cathedral, it is safe to say it was an honor to be buried by a church. Today the British host funerals, much like we do in the States, that honor the dead by placing them in an extravagant casket and laying them into the ground with a gravestone to commemorate them. It might be a sad bit of culture, but it is culture none the less.

Old School Meds
       Modern medicine owes a lot of its success to the failures and odd prescription medicine of the past. Without people being willing to experiment with the human body back in the day our current society would not have as many cures or solutions to illness as it does. In Britain, doctors used to prescribe some really questionable remedies and steal dead bodies from graves in the name of science. Do to these experiments society is able to thrive and part of having a culture is having living people to keep it alive. So it is pretty easy to see why ancient medical practice adds to British culture.

British Military
       Wars have sculpted our laws, our people, and our outlooks on everyday life. This picture depicts the history of war through the different types of military uniform. These are all the uniforms of the British army starting with the red coats all the way to the camouflage in the back. These uniforms show how warfare has changed over the years. Early on wars were very upfront and entire fleets would face each other head on, hence the red coats. Through the changes in uniform one can see how war went from an upfront battle style to a more hidden battle style. Now the British have camouflage to surprise their enemies more easily in battle. In this little picture we can see how British Military culture has changed over the years.

Street Art Nottingham
        A culture is defined by its past and shaped by its present. In this picture I came across some street art here in Nottingham that I thought was so cool. The reason why this art is important is because it is a modern piece of work that displays rule breaking and adds to my sense of what British culture is. Graffiti art can be seen almost all around the world, but each area of the world is going to have specific art styles that say a lot about the culture. To me this picture shows that Nottingham is a wise town that has been through some tough times, but still remains alive and ready for a fight. What is really great about this piece is it can be reinterpreted by others, which gives several meanings for what the culture is like in this particular area.

        Alcohol has played a huge role in the British culture for ages! The English have been perfecting their brews in pubs that date back to the 1700's. Some of these pubs date even further back in time. Even before then, the locals in Nottingham were storing their fine drinks in caves to keep them cool and well preserved. One of these caves can also be seen under Cleaves Hall itself! Not only does alcohol have a rich history to it in the U.K., but many people all around the world still take part in drinking today! Truly, booze makes for some great history.

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