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St. Paul's Cathedral help define British culture because it shows how important religion is to them, since they made it a rule that no building in that area could be higher than the church, most importantly, it helps define British Culture because it the official religion of Great Britain, Church of England, which was established by King Henry the VIII.

The Scott Monument is a Victorian Gothic style building that was built as a monument for Sir Walter Scott, and it helps define British culture because it shows one of the styles that they have. Just by seeing this picture alone you could imagine how most of the City of Edinburgh looks like.

St. Mary’s Church is over 500 years old and it is the official religion of Great Britain, Church of England. This shows how the British have followed their kings and queens and kept their chosen religion, which shows that in their culture, royalty is important.

Stonehenge helps define a different part of British culture, it is not a fancy building, and I don’t know if it would even be considered one. Although it is different than most of my pictures, this definitely defines British culture by taking you back to the days before the monarchy existed, while at the same time, making you wonder if this was meant to be some type of special place for people with higher power than the rest.

This building is a newer building but people still want to give that look to the city and want to represent their culture. This Tutor style building in Nottingham helps define the British culture because it shows that the people here love everything that represents them and their past, including old styles of buildings.

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